Receive an advanced readers copy of Of Monsters and Planes

To earn your advanced readers copy of my upcoming autism adventure novel, all you have to do is review one of my books on Amazon (doesn’t have to be a long review, nor does it matter which book) and send me a screenshot either via Instagram DM @johnathonnicolaouauthor or via email at and I will send you a download link for your ARC copy.

It’s that easy!

Of monsters and planes by Johnathon Nicolaou

Of Monsters and Planes is a heartfelt story about two brothers grappling with severe autism… and the apocalypse. After miraculously surviving a global nuclear meltdown, Mikey and his autistic brother Alby must travel across the scorched Earth, avoiding the perils of this dangerous new world as they attempt to reach the last outpost of human survivors. It is a thrilling adventure about a brotherly bond forged in the most trying of circumstances…

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