Update on The Unholy Grave (The Lost Artefacts, #3)

I am extremely happy to announce that I have finished writing The Unholy Grave! I finished my first draft maybe 2 weeks ago now and I think you’ll all like how it ends. All I can say is prepare for a bit of spice 🌶️ and a lot of heartbreak. The human in me is sad to announce we had to say goodbye to some series regulars, but the sadist in me is so excited for you to read it hehe. 33 chapters, 92,000 words, and – in my opinion – a fitting ending to the story thus far.

I started going through my first this week and I am about to start going through chapter 12. My editor will soon be done with my upcoming autism adventure Of Monsters and Planes, so I’m aiming to have this one ready for her once that book is finalised.

At the moment, we’re looking at a June/July release, so not much longer

The Unholy Grave Paperback

Paperback Edition

The Unholy Grave by Johnathon Nicolaou Hardcover edition 1

Hardcover Edition

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