Of Monsters and Planes coming soon

It 7:53pm on Sunday 26 March, and I am happy to report that ten minutes ago I finished going through my editor's first round of feedback on my upcoming novel Of Monsters and Planes. The book centres on Mikey, and his autistic brother Alby as they travel through post apocalyptic Australia in search of other... Continue Reading →

Miracle is out now

Mark the day because March 24, 2023 is the official birthday of my new book Miracle. The book is a teenage romance following Connor Miles, who in his final year of school has his life turned upside down when he meets a girl named Sydney Snow, who vows to help him finally work up the... Continue Reading →

New Covers for The Lost Artefacts

After almost 2 years on the market, it was time for an upgrade, or more aptly a facelift. From the beginning of March 2023 The Chain Between Worlds and The Monarch's Ring will receive new cover art for their Paperback and Kindle editions. New editions are available for purchase now! Buy now > Buy now... Continue Reading →

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