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The Lost Artefacts Book Series By Johnathon nicoalou

The Lost Artefacts

The Lost Artefacts Series centres on 16 year old Lincoln’s journey from a runaway orphan to the final piece in a decade old conspiracy in a world of monsters and magic. Thrown into a supernatural world within the ordinary, Lincoln must channel his own abilities to stop the resurrection of a millennia old sorcerer hellbent on global destruction.

Dome Trilogy Books by Johnathon Nicolaou


100 years in the future… The world is a post apocalyptic wasteland. What was once thriving with life is now a desolate wilderness. The earth is scorched, the air is toxic, and the world is ruled by mutant monsters. All that remains of humanity lives within a Dome – the only barrier between the last descendants of mankind and the deadly terrors of the outside world.

Miracle by Johnathon Nicolaou HP banner May23


Connor, who in his final year of school has his life turned upside down when he meets the beautiful and confident Sydney, who vows to help him finally work up the courage to tell his longtime crush, Mackenzie, how he feels about her. Supported by his two best friends, Sam, and Mart, Connor’s final year is like none other, taking him on a roller coaster ride of humour, love, and heartbreak, helping him evolve into something more…

Of Monsters and Planes by Johnathon Nicolaou HP tile

Of Monsters and Planes

Of Monsters and Planes is a heartfelt story about two brothers grappling with severe autism… and the apocalypse. After miraculously surviving a global nuclear meltdown, Mikey and his autistic brother Alby must travel across the scorched Earth, avoiding the perils of this dangerous new world as they attempt to reach the last outpost of human survivors. It is a thrilling adventure about a brotherly bond forged in the most trying of circumstances…

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