The Lost Artefacts Series

A five part book series following the journey of Lincoln, El, Ben and others as they unearth a thousand year old magic that has been tainted by the conspiracies of their parents. They travel through monster infested dimensions as they attempt to assemble the Lost Artefacts, before a great war that’ll enslave humanity can rise.

The Chain Between Worlds: Book 1

The Chain Between Worlds

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Runner up in the 2021 TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards: Fantasy Genre

At the age of five Lincoln was abandoned inexplicably at an orphanage by his father with nothing but a promise to return and an old wrist chain. 11 years later when seemingly ordinary 16-year-old Lincoln runs away from yet another foster home, heading to his favoured spot in New York City, he is attacked by a dog, a monstrous three headed dog. Becoming marked, a string of attacks follow, only ending when he is saved by El, Ben, and AJ, a group of enhanced people known as Ascendants. Discovering the world is not as it seems, with Sorcerers, Nature Spirits and demonic monsters all hiding in plain sight, he learns that he is a long-lost Ascendant himself; discovering that the chain his father left him was at the centre of a conspiracy that resulted in his abandonment and his father’s subsequent disappearance.

The Monarch’s Ring: Book 2

The group is split up. They were betrayed. Lincoln and Liv are trapped in the lost dimension, Nowhere and El and AJ are under house arrest, all the while their enemies grow closer to discovering the whereabouts of Gedeon’s lost ring…

The Unholy Grave: Book 3

The Unholy grave Paperback and Hardcover editions

The Unholy Grave

COMING June/July 2023!

Tragedy has struck. Harksmear’s plans to raise the ancient Sorcerer Gedeon move one step forward as death sends Lincoln, El, and the rest of the group back to their homeland, Abonerra. Ben must face trial for his crimes, and prove his innocence, while Lincoln searches for Eligh, who hasn’t been seen since their victory in Harksmear’s lair.

Lincoln Blackfriars from The Lost Artefacts
Lincoln Blackfriars
Aella ‘El’ Thames
Ben Harksmear from The Lost Artefacts
Ben Harksmear
Ajax 'AJ' Thames from The Lost Artefacts
Ajax ‘AJ’ Thames
Monty Aldefos from the Lost Artefacts
Monty Aldefos
Hyde Aldefos from the Lost Artefacts
Hyde Aldefos
Kristina Silverwood from The Lost Artefacts
Kristina Silverwood
Arbol from The Lost Artefacts
Arbol Greenleaf
Eligh Mortem from The Lost Artefacts
Eligh Mortem
Freya from The Lost Artefacts book series
Kane from the Lost Artefacts book series
Kane Riverun
Becca from the Lost Artefacts book series
Becca Riverun
Olivia ‘Liv’ Sommers
The Wolf
Odysseus from the lost artefcats

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