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About meJohnathon Nicolaou


My name is Johnathon Nicolaou. I am an Australian indie author. I love anything to do with words, especially fictional reading and writing. I hope to one day turn this passion into a full time career.

I have written two books (The Chain Between Worlds, The Monarch’s Ring) which have been published here, as well as produced three other manuscripts which are circulating in the publishing universe, waiting to be picked up.

Currently I work as a marketing consultant in the data industry, having worked in the marketing industry for a number of years now.

I’d like to welcome you my little community, whether you’ve signed up to my newsletter or followed me on any of my socials (TikTokGoodreadsInstagram), or even if you’re just passing through. My DMs are always open. I love chatting everything books, and I especially love hearing what you think of my own books!

I am an experienced copy writer with years of content produced under my belt. Since 2020 I have combined this skill with my passion for reading to produce my own books and series.

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The Lost Artefacts

The Chain Between Worlds by Johnathon Nicolaou
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The Monarch's Ring by Johnathon Nicolaou
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The Unholy Grave by Johnathon Nicolaou