The Witcher Book Review

I don’t think I’ve been this glad to finish a book in a very long time… and it was all for the wrong reasons. I think The Witcher: Blood of Elves is probably the most disappointing book I’ve read to date. How can the show be so good and make so much sense, but the…… Continue reading The Witcher Book Review

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Rule of Wolves Book Review

It’s always sad to finish novel, and even more so when it’s the end of a series, which in itself is a good thing. If an author can create enough attachment to characters and stories that you’re left wanting more when all is said and done, then they have succeeded in producing a quality piece…… Continue reading Rule of Wolves Book Review

King of Scars Book Review

The more I read the Bardugo books, the more impressed I am with her story telling ability. This book told a tale on three fronts, intertwining two of them quite nicely, with the third set to merge in Rule of Wolves (hopefully). It was fantastic to read the perspectives of two favourites (Nikolai and Nina),…… Continue reading King of Scars Book Review


Even now, weeks after it happened, I still don’t know what to write. The memories of him are beginning to fade. He always told me not to be sad, but I can’t help it. My bin is filled with paper. Each sheet a failed attempt to express what he meant to me. Almost midnight. Hours…… Continue reading Eulogies

Bride of the Underworld

Hades was lonely. Both its King and land had a morbid atmosphere that seemed to repel even the most gruesome of creatures. Despite his need to remain unbiased and unmoved, Hades was not devoid of emotion. He hadn’t minded the seldom in his youth. He’d been a strong leader, seamlessly ruling the Underworld for generations.…… Continue reading Bride of the Underworld

Crooked Kingdom

It takes a lot for a book to keep me sat in one place and sacrifice sleep in order to read hundreds of pages right through to the end, and that’s exactly what this book did. I sat down at page 200 and didn’t look up until over 300 pages later, when I finished the…… Continue reading Crooked Kingdom

Ghost of a Love Lost

Lyla sat rugged up in front of the television. She stared intently at the screen, even though nothing was playing. It was a habit turned routine that she struggled to break. It had once been their habit turned routine, but that was before… before it happened. It had been over a year now. One fifth…… Continue reading Ghost of a Love Lost

Bullets and Trauma

He was alone. The dark wet alleyway he’d been abandoned in was void of all human life. All but his. He sobbed into his bag, still clutching it like his life depended on it, for minutes earlier, it had. He’d been walking home from school. It was no different to any other day. It was…… Continue reading Bullets and Trauma