Zeus: The Final Stand

Zeus was tired, no, exhausted. They all were. Two great wars had taken a toll on the Gods. Though they couldn’t show any sign of weakness, they had to hold the façade of strength and power, lest they want to be usurped. The war with the Gigantes had been too close for comfort. Had it not been for the mortal heroes, Gaia would have exacted her vengeance, but the Gods had to remain as if unscathed from the battle. However the victory came at a price. Looking around the throne room, Zeus could see his siblings and children’s power was hanging by a thread. He glanced towards Hera, she didn’t glare at him. At least some good had come from the Gigantomachia. She seemed less hostile towards him since he saved her from Porphyrion’s advances. Despite everything Zeus did care for his wife, but he was a King, did he not deserve other pleasures? It was a question for another time, because something was brewing. There had been rumours surfacing of foul beasts spreading across the Earth like a plague. Monstrous creatures, said to have spawned from Echidna herself. Though the question remained, who had fathered such vile creatures? And to what end? They had sent their heroes, well those who survived, to investigate. All reports, should they return, brought of the same news. Darkness loomed. The source seemed to draw nearer. The waters boiled as it moved, and the Earth shook with each step, so much so that the underworld quacked below. 

Zeus listened in to the fearful chatter of the Olympian council as Hermes gave the most recent report. The beast had been identified. It seemed something out of this world. A giant whose head grazed the stars, with the body of a man and two large serpent like legs. Its eyes were burning fire and lava dripped from its mouth. No doubt another spawn of Gaia. 

The council were mid argument when the throne room began shaking. Silence ensued. A direct attack on Olympus had never reached the throne room before. All the Gods rushed outside, peering down from the heavens. It was true. Despite the fantastical nature of the rumours, it was true, and now the beast was upon them, hurling flaming boulders and trees. Before Zeus could speak. They were fleeing. The all-powerful Gods, disappearing, heading to Egypt no doubt. He understood why, they were spent, but he stood his ground. He could have stopped them, ordered them to stay and fight, but hubris got the better of him. He was the almighty Zeus, the King of the Gods, he had defeated his father Kronos, and the Giant King, Polphyrion, there was nothing that could stop him. Summoning what remained of his power he brought his hands together, creating a thunderous clap that shook the Earth below. From the heavens above he launched his attack. Lightning bolt after lightning bolt, each a direct hit, though the monster did not slow. Summoning all his might, Zeus leapt down towards the beast, bolts in hand. Aiming for the eyes he went to slam the lighting. He was stopped. The beast had caught him mid-air, wrapping it’s serpent like fingers around Zeus’ body. The monster squeezed until Zeus felt lifeless. He flailed about in the vice grip, though to no avail. The monster then ripped Zeus’ limbs clean from his body and began extracting Zeus’ power. Within in seconds his strength was depleted. Held hostage to the beast, as Zeus hung almost lifelessly in its grip. He was taken away, he did not know where. He was hung like a prize in a dark cave. His body limp, though his mind remained strong. He was Zeus, he would not be left to such a fate. He did not know how but he would escape and exact his own revenge.

He hung lifelessly for days, maybe months, years possibly. He did not know, all he knew was darkness, but his resolve never wavered. He did not know what had become of his kingdom, or of the outside world, though he knew his foe still loomed. The earth still shook with every step.

Then there was movement, a familiar voice called out to him, the voice of his son, the God of thievery. Hermes appeared. Word of Zeus’ defeat had spread and the Gods had taken up arms against the monster that had them initially flee, though the battle was dire. Hermes helped his father down, though not before presenting a gift. Stolen from the Dracaena who had been charged with guarding it, Zeus’ power. Absorbing what was rightfully his, Zeus felt a surge of energy flow through him. His strength had returned. Despite his condition, his time hung in this dark cave had rested him, he was restored to full power. He rushed off to battle. Thunder clapped venomously through the sky. It was a battle cry, a warning for the beast. Zeus had returned, and defeat was not an option. Collecting his lightning bolts, a gift received from the Cyclopses almost a lifetime ago, he began his assault. He struck the beast from the heavens above, drawing its attention of his fellow Olympians. Imbuing himself with the lightning he held Zeus shot down from the storm clouds he had created. Like a godly lightning bolt he struck the beast, sending it stumbling backwards. In a daze it lashed its large scaly hands at him, attempting to capture Zeus in the same manner as their last encounter. But the King of Gods had learnt his lesson, ducking and weaving through the serpent like fingers he stabbed a bolt of lightning straight through its hand. The beast roared in pain, slapping Zeus off his body. Tumbling through the sky Zeus transformed himself into a large eagle. He flew at the monster’s eyes, using his talons he took out the beast’s right eye. Roaring in pain, it shot lava in all directions. Zeus was able to narrowly avoid the flying magma, though a few of his feathers were singed. Summoning the storm from to his location Zeus landed on the mass of cloud, returning himself to his godly form. He continued moving all the thundering clouds until he sat atop a large black cloud that rumbled as blue and yellow lightning crackled within, attempting to release its self. Channelling all his might into the cloud, Zeus sent the largest thunderbolt he’d ever mustered hurtling towards his foe. The monster fell backwards, sending a ripple of earthquakes through the lands in which it lay.

It weakly stood up, and in a last-ditch effort, the monster ripped the mountain Etna from its roots and hurled it at the King of Gods. Remaining steadfast Zeus caught the mountain. He sent it back with a volley of lightning bolts, burying the beast beneath. There was silence. Zeus sent one last shower of lightning on to the mountain for good measure. The volcano erupted. Lava spilled out, covering everything in its path. The battle was won. The age of war was over. Defeated once again, Gaia seemingly disappeared and at long last Zeus could rest.

The Lost Artefacts Series

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The Dome Trilogy

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