The Lost Artefacts and The Dome Trilogy are now available in paperback and hardcover!

Since February 2022, almost a year ago now I released my first novel, The Chain Between Worlds, on amazon kindle. Knowing there’s a lot of risk publishing on your own, and unsure about the reception my books would receive, I wasn’t willing to invest in physical copies. One year on, I’ve now added to more books to my kindle releases (The Monarch’s Ring, Dome: Rebellion) and sales have been good, so good that I think it’s time that we went physical with my stories. Now you can live through the fantasy of The Lost Artefacts, or the conspiracies of the Dome in The Dome Trilogy.

Experience the adventures of Lincoln, El, and Ben, or Dominic, Romeo, and Allie, and everyone else in their stories natural format… the book. Alternatively these books do make a fine addition to any avid reader’s bookshelf.

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