Book Review: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)

Heir of Fire, the third book in the Throne of Glass series, takes readers on a journey with Celeana as she ventures to Wendlyn and encounters Rowan, a Fae Warrior who becomes her mentor in honing her Fae Skills. As a fan of training scenes in Young Adult Books, I thoroughly enjoyed this element of the story. Witnessing characters refine their abilities and grow stronger always captivates me, and Rowan proves to be the perfect training partner for Celeana. Their relationship carries a palpable tension as they engage in banter, arguments, and a deep-seated attraction. Hold all the inkling for an enemy to lovers plot line, though nothing on the lover side of things eventuates in this book.

Compared to its predecessors, Heir of Fire can be considered a “low action” book. Although the pace and intensity pick up in the second half, the first half offers a slower and less action-packed experience. Personally, I occasionally grew frustrated with the multiple points of view, particularly those centered around Manon and the witches. While these sections contribute to world-building, I yearned to delve deeper into Celeana/Aelin’s journey. However, my frustration was tempered by the fact that we learn more about her childhood, gaining valuable insights into her backstory and complex nature.

Heir of Fire introduces a host of new characters to the Throne of Glass series, and among them, Rowan stands out as my favorite. Initially skeptical of another potential love interest, I was pleasantly surprised that this dynamic never descended into a love triangle cliché. Instead, the relationships between Dorian, Chaol, and Rowan each provide unique support to Celeana along her path, spanning from Throne of Glass to Crown of Midnight and into Heir of Fire.

Furthermore, the book delves deeper into Celeana/Aelin’s character, unraveling her intriguing backstory and adding layers of depth to her persona. I adore Celeana’s multifaceted nature, as she oscillates between sarcasm and an outwardly unaffected demeanor while carrying a weighty history from her past. Her training and adventures, coupled with her humorous moments, make for a captivating reading experience.

At this point in the series I find myself growing more engaged, especially given the visible improvement in Maas’ writing style.

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