Longest Fantasy Series

Ever see a huge stack of books in the bookstore and wonder how many words went into filling those pages? Fantasy books seem to be the biggest offenders of huge books and long series. Here are the top seven fantasy reads by word count.


The Wheel of Time

By Robert Jordan (finished by Brandon Sanderson)

Word count: 4,082,665

Published books in series: 15

Status: Finished


The Sword of Truth

By Terry Goodkind

Word count: 4,138,677

Published books in series: 21

Status: Unfinished



By Piers Anthony

Word count: 4,719,200

Published books in series: 40

Status: Unfinished


The Riftwar Cycle

By Raymond E. Feist

Word count: 4,755,902

Published books in series: 30

Status: Unfinished


Valdemar Universe

By Mercedes Lackey

Word count: 5,082,433

Published books in series: 22

Status: Unfinished



By Terry Pratchett

Word count: 5,625,321

Published books in series: 41

Status: Finished


Malazan Book of the Fallen

By Steven Erikson

Word count: 5,630,199

Published books in series: 13

Status: Unfinished

Looking for a New Fantasy Read?

If you love a good fantasy read then you should check out The Lost Artefacts series, starting with The Chain Between Worlds.

The Lost Artefacts Series by Johnathon Nicolaou 2022 banner

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