Dome: Rebellion

Introducing my newest book… Dome: Rebellion!

Dome Rebellion is the first instalment in my newest trilogy and will be released January 10, 2023.

The Dome trilogy is set 100 years in the future… The world as we know it has been reduced to a post apocalyptic wasteland. What was once thriving with life is now a desolate wilderness. The earth is scorched, the air is toxic, and the world is ruled by mutant monsters. All that remains of humanity lives within a Dome – the only barrier between the last descendants of mankind and the deadly terrors of the outside world.

Dome Rebellion promo Dec2022

Our story centres on Dominic, a military cadet at the top of his class, who has been demoted to Lowtown, the poorest section of the Dome, after his mentor, Doc, was evicted for committing treason. Forced to lead a bitter new life as a lowly resource worker Dominic’s world is turned upside down when Doc’s journal is left at his doorstep, months after his execution. Embedded within those pages is the shocking truth that the Dome hierarchy has been taking advantage of its citizens, risking human extinction in the process. Now Dominic must follow in Doc’s footsteps, risking eviction himself if he wishes to save the Dome and humanity from total annihilation.

Jam-packed with action, adventure, mystery, and of course romance… this book has it all.

Coming January 10, 2023!

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