Rule of Wolves Book Review

It’s always sad to finish novel, and even more so when it’s the end of a series, which in itself is a good thing. If an author can create enough attachment to characters and stories that you’re left wanting more when all is said and done, then they have succeeded in producing a quality piece of work – something I can wholeheartedly say is applicable to this book.

rule of wolves

Bardugo was able to clinically tie up all loose ends, ensuring each of her many plots and subplots had adequate finishes. There were many great twist and turns keeping me reading ‘one more chapter’ though the standout goes to character development. Each character grew like the flowers in Zoya’s garden, blooming into something beautiful and spectacular. With so many concurrent storylines this can be difficult to achieve.

I must say I was finding myself less interested in the Nina/Hanne storyline, until it came to it’s grand twist of a conclusion leaving me ultimately satisfied with the story line, despite my initial grievances. And I have to say, the final hundred pages (or so) were nothing short of epic. With such a huge build up to the war, Bardugo did not drop the ball in delivering a final battle which had so many twist and turns across all storylines as they dovetailed into one.

I hope we do see more of the Grishaverse in the future, however if this is where we part ways with soldiers, summoners, and saints, it is the perfect ending to a brilliant universe.

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