Ruin and Rising Book Review

I’ll start by saying I thought Bardugo wrapped this trilogy up beautifully. There was a great improvement on pace of the book, coming out of Siege and Storm, which at times I felt to be quite slow. The start may have been slightly slow (and frankly redundant) but once Alina and her nearest and dearest (plus Zoya) get moving, the book really get’s engaging.

All plot lines tied together quite nicely and (SPOILER INCOMING) I quite liked the twist that Mal was the third amplifier with Morozova’s story and Baghra/ the Darkling’s lineage being revealed.

I only had a few minor grievances, the first was the scene with the firebird. it happened way too quickly, and honestly I’m still unsure how that made Alina realise Mal was the amplifier. My only other issue was the Apparat. After all the focus on him being a semi-villainous, thorn in Alina’s side, he ended up providing very little value to the story…

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with the ending being extremely satisfying, something that some books struggle to achieve.

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