Vendetta In Death Book Review

This is the first, and only book I was unable to finish, therefore I’ll keep it short. Sitting in the Murder mystery and crime genres, Nora Roberts’ or better known through her pseudonym, J.D. Robb, Vendetta In Death is a recent instalment in the In Death series, preceded by 48 other books. Centring around the ‘tough as nails’ cop, Eve Dallas it is your typical murder mystery, sticking to very realistic themes within this genre. As most cop novels are it was reminiscent of any typical detective/crime t.v. show.

vendetta-in-death- book review johnathon nicolaou

Now before I continue, I believe it is pertinent to point out that this is an international number one bestseller and has received praise from the likes of Stephen King. Basically this book hold’s merit beyond my own bias. It ticks all the standard boxes in terms of readability, showcasing Robb’s twenty year experience as an author. And the book easy to follow. But that’s as far as I can praise it given that it is still an incomplete read.

For me rates as 4/10 simply because I grew bored and was unable to finish it. This book was recommended to me by a friend, therefore I haven’t read anything else fro the In Death Series, however I do not believe that is attributed to my inability to finish it. Like most crime and murder mystery books that are a part of a series, it is not required that you read the books before to enjoy the novel. Other than the main protagonist, most characters are new and there are only small details that ever cross over which make for more of a fun easter egg for loyal readers rather than key pints of the story.

I’ve been able to force myself through books before, which is something all heavy readers will understand, but this, for me was an outlier where I just wanted to move on to another story. Perhaps it was the timing as I picked this novel up while i was in the middle of writing my new book (yet to be named…). I will definitely return to Vendetta In Death, and hopefully rewrite this review.

Johnathon Nicolaou

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