The Chain Between Worlds Award

By only 3 votes, The Chain Between Worlds came second in the 2021 TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards: Fantasy Genre.

fantasy-2ndplacebadge the chain between worlds

The novel, which was released in the same year, centres on Lincoln, who at the age of 5 was abandoned inexplicably at an orphanage by his father with nothing but a promise to return and an old wrist chain. 11 years later when seemingly ordinary 16-year-old Lincoln runs away from yet another foster home, heading to his favoured spot in New York City, he is attacked by a dog, a monstrous three headed dog the size of a truck. Becoming marked, a string of attacks follow, only ending when he is saved by El, Ben, and AJ, a group of enhanced people known as Ascendants. Discovering the world is not as it seems, with Sorcerers, Nature Spirits and demonic monsters all hiding in plain sight, he learns that he is a long-lost Ascendant himself; discovering that the chain his father left him was at the centre of a conspiracy that resulted in his abandonment and his father’s subsequent disappearance.
With the re-emergence of the chain, old enemies return, hunting Lincoln, forcing him to leave the confines of New York City. The group follow a trail of breadcrumbs taking them through different dimensions, retracing his father’s footsteps in a hope to discover the significance of the chain and what happened to Lincoln’s family.

The Chain Between Worlds: Book 1

The Chain Between Worlds

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Similar titles include the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan, and the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare.

View the award and winners list here.

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