Zeus and the Seduction of Demeter

Despite being a young King, Zeus’ rule had been glorious. He was all powerful. The mortals would sacrifice their finest crop and livestock to him, and all the Gods bowed to his leadership, be it out of respect to his glory or fear of his power. He had the grandest palace built for him, with extra focus attended to his chambers. His power and victories had earned him rank as the most eligible bachelor throughout Olympus. He’d had some fine conquests in the past. He was particularly fond of Metis, she had after all assisted in his efforts against his father, remaining loyal to him since. It was with great reluctance and sadness that he had to eat her. The news of her pregnancy had brought forth a prophecy not too dissimilar to that of his father’s. His hand was forced, he had to eat her lest her child be a threat to his rule. In doing so he did claim some of her godly wisdom, which was a delightful surprise. Though in the end it had become a literal headache for Zeus, when his daughter burst forth from the gash on his head. Despite her unconventional birth, he loved Athena dearly. She was his greatest child.

Though for a while now he’d been feeling empty with his conquests, none had been as divine as Metis. That was until Demeter caught his eye. Her beauty radiated throughout the kingdom, much like the flowers in the fields she tended. He had to have her. 

He’d been waiting for the perfect moment. She was often busy with her crops, raising them to perfection and generously sending them throughout his kingdom. But at long last she was alone. He appeared to her, naked in all his glory, but she rejected him, disappearing, leaving him foolishly naked and alone. He did not know why, but the rejection only made his desire grow. His body yearned for her more so than before.

He searched the skies in which he ruled, and the depths of his brother’s domains for her, only to discover she had hidden herself from him. The only thing that remained of her beauty were the fields she tended.

Then a plan of cunning was formed. Her fields remained tended to, though out of reach from his watchful eye. He needed to conceal himself and wait. Turning into a serpent he slithered about the fields, searching for the rare presence of the beautiful goddess. She appeared, tending to her plants with such grace, as she always did. He followed her through the day, until she returned to her place of concealment, a cave. He waited silently in the shadows until she lay to rest.

He slithered up towards her sleeping figure, remaining in his serpent form. Silently he entwined his scaly body around hers, before resuming his godly form. It was glorious the pure elation from another divine conquest.

Demeter despised him for it. He could not understand why. She had been graced by the King of the Gods, and their union had bore her a child whom she adored beyond all else.

It would only be years later, during his marriage to Hera that Zeus would understand the pain he’d caused the maidens in his life. Though he was unable to stop himself, unable to ever feel satisfied. His desire was a thirst that could never be quenched, no matter the damage it wrought.

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