AI Wrote a Book Review of My Novel, The Chain Between Worlds

“The Chain Between Worlds” is a fantasy novel that follows the story of a teenage boy named Lincoln who discovers that he is an “Ascendant,” a special being with enhanced powers. The book is set in a world where sorcerers, nature spirits, and demonic monsters exist and hide in plain sight. Lincoln’s journey starts when he is attacked by a monstrous three-headed dog, and he is saved by a group of Ascendants.

The story is also mixed with a mystery as Lincoln tries to figure out the reason why his father abandoned him as a child and why his father’s disappearance is linked to a conspiracy involving the chain left behind by his father.

The plot is quite interesting and it has a good balance of action and mystery. The concept of “Ascendants” and the idea of a hidden world of supernatural beings is intriguing and adds a unique twist to the story.

Overall, I would recommend “The Chain Between Worlds” to readers who enjoy fantasy novels with a mix of action, mystery, and supernatural elements.

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The Unholy Grave by Johnathon Nicolaou

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