More News from the December Wrap up

New book inbound

The biggest piece of news for this month is the pending release of my new book, Dome: Rebellion. This book is a dystopia novel set 100 years in the future where the last of humanity is confined to a Dome protecting them from the toxic air and mutant monsters that rule the outside world.

Dome Rebellion release post

Learn more about Dome: Rebellion >

Available on Amazon from January 10, 2023,

The Lost Artefacts receives online recognition

So I was bored, trawling through the internet, searching my own name, as one does when they are bored… And I came across this article: 200 Books You Must Read Once in Your Life.

Curious that my name had been flagged on it, I clicked in, and lo and behold, my books had made the list! Surrounded by some big company too. To be sitting amongst bestsellers like The Infernal Devices and The Inheritance Cycle is amazing, especially when you’re an indie author.

The Lost Artefacts: 200 books you must read

The Unholy Grave is making great strides

Progress update for The Unholy Grave… Everything is great!

I’ve written 24,000 words, which puts us at around 20% of the way through the book. At this rate we’ll be looking at an April or May release!

The Unholy Grave Header Banner 2022

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