Ruin and Rising Book Review

I’ll start by saying I thought Bardugo wrapped this trilogy up beautifully. There was a great improvement on pace of the book, coming out of Siege and Storm, which at times I felt to be quite slow. The start may have been slightly slow (and frankly redundant) but once Alina and her nearest and dearest…… Continue reading Ruin and Rising Book Review

Siege and Storm Review

I’ll start by saying the story in itself – across the trilogy – is good, despite my few issues with this book. I feel as though it plays the role as a ‘filler’ book for the trilogy thus far, which is disappointing given that Bardugo has created such a vast and fascinating world. It was…… Continue reading Siege and Storm Review

Shadow and Bone Book Review

It disappoints me that it took a Netflix series to draw my attention to this series, but nonetheless I’m so glad it did. This story puts a different spin on the Young Adult, Fantasy genres, combining the setting of Tsarist Russia, Russian folklore, and realism all in one fantastic world. We are introduced to a…… Continue reading Shadow and Bone Book Review

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The Books of January

Wished I got through more books this month. Will need to up my game in February. Here’s how I ranked January’s reading. 1. Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare Loved this book. Chain of Iron was the perfect sequel. The standout for me was the character development across a plethora of mains. Read full review…… Continue reading The Books of January

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City of Ashes Book Review

Leading into the sequel, City of Bones left us with quite a bit to unpack, namely Jace and Clary’s now familial connection, the betrayal of Hodge, the return of Valentine and Simon and Clary’s force romance – though in an unpopular opinion I was rooting for this one at this point in the series. In…… Continue reading City of Ashes Book Review

Ender’s Game Book Review

Ender’s game is an interesting read given that the overarching theme revolves around the pressure of being ‘the chosen one’ in a futuristic setting. We are introduced to a world where Earth has previously been invaded by and Alien race known as ‘Buggers’. After preventing the invasion the – now united – world council have…… Continue reading Ender’s Game Book Review